Sony Xperia Z Ultra screenshots reveal an updated launcher

Screenshots of the Sony Xperia Z Ultra confirmed the devie’s spesifications, today’s batch of snaps reveal the changes made to the Sony launcher in its Android 4.2.2 version.

The screenshots were acquired by an acquaintance of a member of the XDA-Developers forum, who confirms they are the real deal. As you can see, Sony has done well to utilize the extra screen estate by expanding the rows and columns of the app drawer to a 6×5 grid.

The icons on the homescreen itself look a lot smaller, too, hinting that the grid there has been expanded as well. Other small cosmetic touches include an updated app drawer icon (3×3 circles, not 4×4 squares) as well as the dock, which can now take up to 6 icons, not just four.

Sony is holding a press event next week on Tuesday and the Xperia Z Ultra is dubbed to be one of the stars of the show. Naturally we’ll be covering it live for you, so stick around.



Leaked photos of Apple IPhone 5S

After launching iOS7 successfully, Apple is now looking forward to its IPhone 5S, but it seems that they are not able to keep it as a secret. These two images shown below claims to be the next generation IPhone and show us what we had already guessed; it’s going to be a spec update over the current iPhone 5. The image on the left shows that new IPhone 5S will have a 5.92Whr battery,which is bigger than 5.45Whr battery on the iPhone 5, suggesting improved battery life. Also they have designed a new logic board for the IPhone. The image on the right shows us the new LED flash, according to this new shape it will have two LEDs under the lens. Rest is the same as of IPhone 5, although it can have more and it is not considered to be all for the IPhone 5S.


It is expected to have IPhone 5S in sale by the last of this year. As taking the reference of the previous version of IPhone and the above images, it is sure that the IPhone 5S is not completely different but will be the faster or refined version of the current IPhone. So you can expect more from Apple.


Another photo leak of Samsung Galaxy Note III

Rumor goes up again for the photo leak of Samsung Galaxy Note III and we have another leaked image of the smartphone. It shows that Samsung will release the smartphone with round corners. The smartphone is expected to arrive with 5.99 inch of HD touchscreen display, a Qualcomm snapdragon 800 processor inside, and with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS platform. As the photo is with the cover so we don’t have the backside pics of the phone, but the smartphone would have 13 MP camera at the back.