Fear #4 — Fear of Aging

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Wrinkled fragile hand,
splotched with gnarled veins.
One by one, we lose that
which was once beautiful,
valued, desired. We see
the elderly hobble along,
forgetful, dependent and
fear growing old and decrepit,
hideous, revolting, a toothless crone.


There are societies where elders
are valued, honored for their
experience and wisdom, living
out their final years loved
and respected. Yet there are
others who warehouse their elderly,
drugged and lonely, waiting
for death, which comes bit
by bit every day.

We all become the aged;
which society will you support?
Will we lovingly care for our
aged even when they do not remember
who we are, or shut them away
in sweetly named prisons?

What we choose today determines
what we have tomorrow.

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If you have Hope


If you have hope then you can achieve it, because when world say you to “Give Up”, hope is their to stand for you and it keeps saying you “Just give it a one more Try”.

So, Give it a Try and achieve the heights 😀