What About Us?

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lion chased

How can it be that animals
have such keen instincts and
we do not? If one looks at the ´
perfection of nature, this
seems out of sync, yet there
is ample evidence that we also
instinctively know things at
times, so how is it that we fail
to follow this inner guidance?

Living in the jungle is teaching
me to pay attention to details,
to warnings, to the heritage of
my forefathers in following pre
animal instincts. The more
I do so, the stronger this
guidance becomes.

The noise and pollution of the
cities hamper people’s ability to
perceive subtle chances in their
proximity. Added to that is our
rush-a-holic lives that leave us
in a constant state of stress and
fatigue. Our bodies are lethargic,
filled with toxins from our food,
water, and air. No wonder we have
difficulty perceiving the instinctive
guidance that we so badly need.

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