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I feel success knowing that I brought amazing children into this world and have raised others as my own, that are also amazing

I feel success each day when my family wakes up and makes it happily through the day

I feel success when all is ticked off my daily list

I feel success when I know my children are happy

I feel success in knowing that I have good friends when I need them

I feel success when my children do well at school

I feel success when my children know they are wrong and fix their own mistakes

I feel success when my children learn to work things out for themselves, but still know when to come to me for help

I feel success in knowing that through the years, I’ve done the work I needed to do and now I’m doing the work that I wanted…

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Spirit Dancer

Source of Inspiration

spirit dancer

She spins beneath the moon,
The Spirit Dancer of Promises.
She whispers, “Go easy now;
be gentle and steady.”

She tells all who will listen
that to penetrate to the
heart of the obstacle, you
must use a feather, not a spear.
You will not succeed by using
the sword of control or criticism.
It is necessary to be correct,
thoughtful and consistent to
accomplish what you wish.

Do not confuse gentleness with
weakness, for it is not.
Dance with the Spirit Dancer
Hear and heed her wisdom
which comes from ancient times.

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