Success can be Guaranteed!

Sounds of the Son

Success can be guaranteed
Success can be guaranteed!
Emotion must be mobilized
Desire must be freed

You need only plant the seed
You need only plant the seed!
Roots of righteousness will never spring forth
If what’s implanted is a weed

Words must match the deed
Words must match the deed!
Outward actions cannot oppose
The traction of internal creed

You have everything you need
You have everything you need!
The soul has knowing, the spirit has power
Let go and let them take the lead

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You were too perfect to be true
The fairest flower
Has lightest hue
But to what gods
You owed your due
For being you

You were too beauteous I see
Such sweet perfection
Isn’t free
And what a waste
You laid to me
For being we

You were an artifice of design
Your poetry
SoΒ ill-defined
And such a cost
I felt, entwined
For being thine

(c) Helen valentine 2013, All Rights Reserved

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