Success Walks


Success Walks

When Shimmering Vestiges Cross in chaos
And the dull blade drops to barren terrain,
A Spark of Melodic Enchantment Lilts,
With Bolstering Refrain.

As shadows erase the Charm of Breathing
And machinations claim Efforts’ Aim,
A Wisp of Tenacity Lights the Darkness,
The Wild Frontier to Tame.

Lethargy is all Unraveling,
And boredom prompts despair,
Yet where Hope Shines like Venus Blushing,
Success Walks Upon Incorporeal Air.

Beautiful Original Artwork by: Barbara Florczyk

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Extra Extra!

Sounds of the Son

Extra extra!
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The libraries are empty
The bars are overcrowded

The temples are in ruins
The banks are pristine
The museums are ghost towns
The malls are the scene

The hospitals are full
The pharmacies win
The farms are forgotten
The food comes in tins

The teachers are poor
The bankers are wealthy
The workers are sick
The owners are healthy

The water is dirty
The ships are clean
The air is polluted
The airplanes gleam

The brain dulled down
The computer goes faster
The train of our thinking
Is causing disaster

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