It’s The Wrong Turns That Teach

Well Spring of God's Love

It is the wrong turns that teach you who you are. We spend much of our life on autopilot. Many decisions have been made so many times that we navigate more out of habit than conscious thought.

We have our routine. We always do this then that. We travel the same highways and have the same conversations. Through this dogma we lose our own creativity and much of our emotions. We become predictable. Many of our closest people may easily guess our reactions to events, our stance on current topics and maybe even finish our sentences.

It is that wrong turn that challenges our minds to reevaluate something new. Are we happy to be faced with a change of our routine? No. It upsets us and we waste as much time lamenting about it as we choose. The unexpected event may be included in our conversations for the rest of…

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God of Science

Source of Inspiration

What has science brought us:
better ways to live or quicker
ways to kill? Have we traded
technology for faith and
compassion? Is God found in a
test-tube or bomb?

Be careful what you worship.
There is but one Source, that
which is omnipotent, shows us
that good used for evil
purposes becomes the
sword of destruction.

Say “no” to thinly disguised
technology that harms under
the guise of helping. Let
the lesson of the bees remind
us if our sick and dying
loved ones are not enough.

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Lilsawarian Dectet

5 Degrees Of Inspiration


The Lilsawarian Dectet was created quite by accident in the wee hours of the morning in response to Baldy’s Writing Prompt , unwittingly fulfilling We Drink Because We’re Poets prompt in the process.

The dectet is an 11 stanza poem which follows the following rhyme scheme:


Or, at least I think that’s how the rhyming pattern is supposed to be indicated…..

I encourage all of you to try this form, as I shall be trying other’s creations as well. I’ve also gone out on a limb and submitted my creation to Shadowpoetry ( for consideration to be displayed on their site. *shrugs* What can it hurt, right?

So, happy rhyming, and who knows, the revolution just might start here….

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