Firefox OS for the world! ZTE to sell $80 Open smartphone through eBay


Have you been jonesing for a chance to play with Mozilla’s Firefox OS smartphone operating system, but you don’t live in one of the countries where it’s been launched over the last month or so? Well lucky you: ZTE will soon start selling its Open handset around the world through eBay(s ebay).

It’s a rather unusual tactic for a major phone manufacturer (and yes, ZTE is one of those, although its cheap phones are often rebranded by operators) to sell directly to the consumer via eBay. But it does arguably make sense in this case as the devices in question are super-cheap for smartphones: just $79.99 through eBay U.S. and £59.99 through eBay UK ($92.94 – remember tax is automatically included in UK pricing).

In a statement on Monday, ZTE VP Dai Wenhong said the eBay route would put Firefox OS devices in more consumers’ hands (in an…

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