Just a Dream


Where have you gone to my dear love
Over the mountains, fly like a dove
What are you seeking my true delight
What destination will you alight?

What song you sing now dearest friend
Which of my suitors just pretend?
What love is pure, what love divine
What love will wither or grow on the vine?

Where have you gone to my dear love
Seek you in depths or in heaven above
Bird in the air or quick fish in the stream
Were you reality or just a dream?

(c) Helen Valentina 2013

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What is family?

Daily Happenings from poetsareangels

What is family?

My family is big because it consists of many people.

My family includes my friends, people I love, people who love me
My family includes people I help, and those who help me
My family includes all races and all ages, rich and poor, educated and uneducated
My family is based on love and not hate
My family is sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but always glad to be family

Won’t you come join my happy family


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