The Silence of Our Thoughts

Source of Inspiration

How long can you be
alone with your thoughts,
no distractions: book
remains closed, TV off,
no idle conversation,
no music–just silence
and your mind? Where will
your thoughts take you?

Most people are afraid
of being bored, but why
would we find our perception
of our world boring?

Other people may fear being
faced with their ghosts
from the past. Regrets, guilt,
hurt, resentment, should haves…

Then there are worries about
the future; the “what-ifs” that
keep us a prisoner, afraid to
act, to decide, to go forth
with faith and resolve…
what if
lead us

What might we find deep
within our consciousness?
What worlds unexplored,
full of possibilities and
promises are waiting for
us to be silent and aware.

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Met with Friction

Sounds of the Son

Simple minds cannot process
Mystical description
They will see concepts opposed
And view them as contradiction

The one who is truly new
Is beyond logical depiction
Any attempt to define him
Will only be met with friction

If you expect him to be the same
And not alter his inscriptions
It is because you cannot change
So you assign him your affliction

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