Bad Influence


I was so quiet and secure
No passion troubled me
Perhaps lived hidden and obscure
Just the way that it should be
You were wild and unpredictable
And yet you looked at me
You looked at me

I sought not to possess or own
Comfortable in my skin
And while some sins I might atone
No guilt traversed within
You seemed at first exotic, kind
Not bathed in blood and sin
In blood and sin

I strayed so far within my mind
Different person I became
And you grew cool, no longer kind
More infamy than fame
Bad influence, too late I saw
So caught within your game
Within your game

Emerged at last from this travail
I barely know my face
I’ve journeyed far, too many miles
To some forsaken place
Your mark upon me but a scar
Of gentleness no trace
No trace

(c) Helen Valentina 2013, All…

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