Clinging to Light



Clinging to Light

expectancy of

sanguine buds to burst forth Light

in Dark places -Me


Today Zoe at Behind the Mask of Abuse posted the second half of my story, tomorrow will be the last segment. I wrote a poem for each one. I want to thank everyone who has shared their support through comments and “likes” it means a great deal to me.

Today is another busy day here at the home front so forgive me if I do not comment right away. I will comment tonight or tomorrow morning. Have a fabulous Friday! 😀

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Moto X on other carriers and developer editions rolling out “in days”


AT&T(s t) is now selling the Moto X(s goog) online and in retail stores, beating other carriers to the punch. That’s about to change. According to Punit Soni, VP, Product Management at Motorola Mobility, other carrier devices will roll out in days, per his Google+ account. And, for those waiting to get an unlocked, unsubsidized Moto X, Soni says that Dev Editions are also coming just as quickly. No word on a Google Experience Moto X through the Google Play store just yet, but for those that don’t want a contract and are willing to give up customization options, the wait won’t be long.

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When i awoke to a morning, not yesterday,

Young was i as my first foot steps were learned.

Walked did i into each different day,

The more i traveled, the more i changed.

I learned of words, i saw many things,

The sun i saw rise but now it’s overhead.

The leaves i saw were shaken from the trees,

As the world turned, again the leaves were to be.

Once a young boy played in the snow,

The more he walked, the less the snow would fall.

Sometimes he would see but things could not be seen,

A road traveled so fast, a blind man was he.

He walked very far, a life on his feet,

He’s on his way back, almost home, older than he use to be.

Keith Garrett

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