Flying High

Barbara C Rowe Author


Flying High

When there are days that are too long and boring

Little projects that can’t keep you busy

And you wish to be somewhere else

Just imagine yourself as an eagle

Flying High

People pass you by in a state of disinterest

Family members are busy in their own world

Friends seem to be few and insincere

Think of the eagle, which sees everything

Flying High

You dream of faraway places

Knowing you’ll never have the opportunity to see

Imagining how exciting it would be

When you think of yourself as an eagle

Flying High

When your years grow long

And you’re close to moving on to a better place

Standing on your belief that heaven is near

Imagine the angels lifting you up


Flying High

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Guard Your Trust

Source of Inspiration

flamingo and baby

We die–leave our Earth form.
Some say we continue in spirit.
If this be so, it would seem
logical that our “self” remains
at the same level of spiritual
development until something
moves us to advance. Therefore,
spirits, entities, etc., are
souls at various levels of
enlightenment. Be careful where
you put your trust. Only our
Creator is perfection.

T heir deeds reveal more than their words.
R ely on your own inner guidance.
U ness you are sure…wait.
S urrender only to the Creator
T heory is not the same as truth.

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