Mood Indigo

Poesy plus Polemics


blue indigo confuses my heart
it can slow it to lowing
like the wail of a wounded
forlorn tenor sax,
like a memory fading
from unseen disease

cool indigo confuses my heart
it can jump it to thumping
like a Dixieland horn
on a Bourbon Street float,
like a treasure discovered
among worthless things

in a world full of reasons
for cynics to gloat over
everywhere proof of mistrust
shouldn’t something as simply
straightforward as color
be something to count on

surprise is for younger men
disappointment for
sturdy dispassionate souls
I’m too old and mulish
too sure of opinion
for an uncertain heart

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Jesus community

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
    but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

I know what it’s like to have hopes and then over time lose all hope. Or to be excited about something, only to have something else take all the air out of it.

Hope deferred seems to be a part of the story of scripture. Interestingly enough we read in Hebrews 11 that some died, still holding on to faith in God’s promises, seeing them from a distance, as if that was a significant part what kept them going.

We have longings or desires which may be met to a certain point in this life. Perhaps even fully to not at all. As C.S. Lewis suggested, perhaps there are longings within us which can’t at all be fulfilled by any and all good things in this life, suggestive of a fulfillment beyond this world.


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