Make It Stop

The Bottom of a Bottle

Make It Stop

It’s so cold and lonely
In isolation I shiver
The only warmth here
Belongs to the side of a glass
Just a small piece
Where me hand held it tight

I wash away my fears
Drowning all my hurt
Removed from any feelings
Forming seas of pain
Sinking to the bottom
Alone, again and again

I can’t hold my head up
Weighed down by shame
Caged behind these walls
Gradually shrinking under the strain
I don’t want to walk no more
I’m crying out to make it all to stop

No one here can hear me
My screams echo in my mind
I’ve run as far I can go
In need to find my resting place
Where no one will ever find me
Where no one else can go

Cold steel reflects the eyes
Diminished by my despair
Pressed cold against skin
Tears slip silently to the…

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