The Universe Can be Saved If You Share What You Have

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The Universe Can be Saved If You Share What You Have

Well, I agree with that. I am not well off, at ALL, yet I share what I do have even before seeing that.
I went to church with a neighbor once a while back.
I had asked her for help, financially, a few times before, and her response was always negative.
She was always “so religious” and tythe n everything. She always talked about similar situations in “the Bible”. She NEVER came out n said “no”, but she did suggest financial help.
Ya know, even the Bible says to love and help and heal thy neighbor. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”
I just can’t get over the fact that I saw her writing a check for $900.00 to the church. I understand tything n all, but still..?????????????????
WHAT DO YALL THINK??????????????

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