Talking about Our Problems Is Our Greatest Addiction

What you focus on manifests itself in your life. Are you focusing on your joys?  Remember that consistently talking about your problems will not make them better.

Live each moment fully.
Enjoy every small blessing that comes your way.
Say thank you to the universe.
Your life is now, not yesterday, not tomorrow. ♥

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The Universe Can be Saved If You Share What You Have

Amanda's Words / starfire8me

The Universe Can be Saved If You Share What You Have

Well, I agree with that. I am not well off, at ALL, yet I share what I do have even before seeing that.
I went to church with a neighbor once a while back.
I had asked her for help, financially, a few times before, and her response was always negative.
She was always “so religious” and tythe n everything. She always talked about similar situations in “the Bible”. She NEVER came out n said “no”, but she did suggest financial help.
Ya know, even the Bible says to love and help and heal thy neighbor. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”
I just can’t get over the fact that I saw her writing a check for $900.00 to the church. I understand tything n all, but still..?????????????????
WHAT DO YALL THINK??????????????

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