Move On Up

as long as i'm singing

“The trouble was, I had been inadequate all along, I simply hadn’t thought about it.”

~ Sylvia Plath

I wonder,

How can someone so singular in mind,

Be so double in their standards?

How can someone so longing to be freed from outside opinion,

Be so ready to compartmentalize all others?

How can someone so desiring of respect from this very same outside,

Be so ready to marginalize all those who would freely give it.

I wonder,

But in knowing that no answer to my puzzlement is forthcoming,

Decide to wonder no more.


Deciding that Rochelle’s image provided a near-perfect excuse to empty my mental closet of some very old and unneeded worry, I jumped full-on with this week’s Friday Fictioneers. I hope you decide to jump on (full or otherwise) as well…

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A first look at the Lumia 1520, a reported 6-inch Windows Phone


Rumors of Nokia(s nok) — or is that Microsoft? — working on a large Windows Phone(s msft) just gained a little more credence thanks to an image of the expected device. Dubbed the Lumia 1520, the big handset may become available this year according to @evleaks who shared this image on Friday.

The phone doesn’t appear to have the generously-sized 41 megapixel sensor of Nokia’s Lumia 1020, but it’s difficult to tell from this picture. There’s clearly a bump out for the sensor, as well as a dedicated shutter key. And you can see one benefit of the larger display: More tiles!

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As Far as I Know by Roger McGough


As Far as I Know by Roger McGoughThese poems display McGough’s characteristic whimsy and plays-on words. However – unlike his work for children – the lightness and accessibility are often a thin veneer over emotional insights and social commentary.

The collection contains 53 poems, most of which are published there for the first time or have been revised for the collection, on a variety of subjects from growing older to the oddities of language. While a few run to several pages, most of them are less than two pages.

The works span many styles, from classic metre and haiku to lists of definitions and descriptions echoing Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary, each displaying a seamless facility with language and its absurdities.

A trophy not to my taste
Is the one you are given
When shriven
Going to waste

– Indefinite Definitions

Each of the poems is fully able to stand on its own, making the collection ideal…

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