Endless Realm


Endless Realm

I look into Your Eyes
And See myself,
Lost in Your Eyes,
Looking back at Me,
Breathlessly Staring
At the Beauty I see,
In You,
In Me,
In this Love Destined to Be,
Rising like the Swelling Sea,
Opening like the Waking Dawn
The Endless Realm of Possibility.


Breathtaking photograph found at: telusers.com

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Just me, myself and I.

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.

On such a night with no starts
And no sky up above
Do the clouds touch the ground
And give chill to these bones of old.
With heavy heart and clouded mind
I sit shaking in the electric light of
Tomorrows dreams and hopes
Born of thought and since on this
Night of no sky.

Still are birds and bats
No crickets sing there song
Of love and orchestral splendor.
Only the wind and cool breeze
And I to mark the start of the new day
On this night of no sky.
Just one……
Just me, myself and I.


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An Unnamed Memory

Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches

Today’s Featured Guest Writer is Dean K. Miller.


I read about an unnamed beach the other day, though I knew which one it was. Setting aside the present, I left the now and spiraled back to the moments in my past.

An angry sea lashed against the rocks and cliffs along the shore and the setting sun appeared unsure if it should hasten its descent amidst the fury. Then, a new day—the sea and waves more gentle. Their fury dissipated, they caressed the coves and tidal pools that gave sanctuary to the creatures seeking refuge from yesterday’s passing storm.

Another sunset provides a back drop as a younger me flies a kite in the off-shore breeze. It is a simpler time, with fewer responsibilities. My choice: to stay or go home. Deciding to stay meant another day to surf, another day to hike the rainforests, or another…

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