T-Mobile’s Moto X is now available through Motorola’s website


The Moto X(s goog) first went on sale for AT&T(s t) and Verizon(s vz)(s vod) a couple of weeks ago, followed by Sprint(s s) last week. T-Mobile availability on Monday completes the circle of major U.S. carrier availability for Motorola’s new flagship smartphone. But if you want to get it on T-Mobile there’s a catch: It’s only available through Motorola’s website.

We learned about this shortly after Motorola announced the phone last month. T-Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer Mike Sievert told AllThingsD, “We do not plan to stock Moto X devices immediately in our stores but are working closely with Motorola to make the Moto X a great experience for T-Mobile customers. Any news about distribution in our stores would come at a later date.”

So for now, if you want to score on a handset on T-Mobile, you’ll have to get it directly from Motorola…

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