Prioritization With Richard Chai Spring 2014 Collection

Bites of Style

Every muscle in my body wants to spends hours writing about my adventures at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week instead of writing this article about prioritization.  Unfortunately those stories are not on my to-do  list for the day.   There are times I hate prioritizing , but it’s necessary to keep me going in the right direction.

Our BOS Word For The Day Is Prioritization: To arrange or deal with in order of importance


As you get older, life get’s more complicated. Demands on your time and attention continue to mount, and there’s never enough time or energy in a day to get to everything.
Do you find yourself longing for a simpler life? By discovering and focusing your energy on what God considers important  you begin to find clarity and purpose for each day of your life.  ” Be very careful , then, how you live- not as unwise but…

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