Light and Shade


What we would have given
in those days for some variety,
some light and shade
For our hides were riven,
with tears and pain to provide
some semblance of existence
So high drama, while in reality
our lives were perfect harmony
Or at least enough, no fears, no worries monetary
Just greyness by degrees

Youth is not so much wasted
on the young, as misunderstood
On such starry nights our dreams
were flung up to be so much more
than we’d begun, a triumphal parade
laced with tears, regrets and shame, a
little light and shade

Now in later years our bones
complain in simple moments and
our hair so grey barely glistens
even in the star filled night
And we crave our comforts and our security
like a blanket casually draped upon me, there
is much more in health and surety, than the glittering
painful parade, that comes with

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