Life is Roots and Wings

Live Life in Crescendo

“So, see you next week.”

Calmly, I replied, “Ya, see you soon.”

As soon as I hung up, I threw my fist in the air – Yippee!

When my last son prepared to leave home several months ago, I keep my emotions at bay. I would never want to dampen his sparkling excited eyes. Hired for a longed for job, each of his lithe steps conveyed his eagerness to be on his way.

As he enters his new stage, I enter mine. It is often called what to me is a ridiculous metaphor- empty nester.

I am not a bird.

Nor am I empty.

I am filled with memories.

I sent him off with a smile and a slightly tight hug. None of my sons knew that as I smiled and encouraged and waved, their life passed before my eyes:

Their first cry

That first laugh

Their first step


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Throw Yourself

Never Ever Let It Go

Sometimes you just have to throw yourself out there. You never know what might come back. Take the chance, greatness could be waiting on the other side. Don’t be afraid, that will only hold you back. Don’t worry about what others say, keep pushing forward.

So, throw yourself out there. Waiting on others or for those desires to come to you will get you nowhere. Go after your greatest desires.

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