The spirit of forgiveness

Knowing God through His Word ... Day by Day

It is the glory of God to conceal things,
but the glory of kings is to search things out.
Proverbs 25:2

C. H. Spurgeon, in a sermon, “God’s Glory on Hiding Sin”

Imitate the Lord in forgetting the sins of those who repent. If ever they offend you, let that atonement which satisfied God for sin also satisfy you, and say, “Though this man has offended me, I ask no atonement at his hands, because Christ’s atonement is to my soul the satisfaction for every sin against me as well as against God.” Never harbor any resentment for a single moment, beloved. Even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye. Do you think that Christ’s blood and righteousness are not sufficient to cover those unkind words of your brother, or that ungenerous action of your sin, or that slanderous speech of your neighbor? Go and put all offenses…

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