Change of Heart


When I make a miscalculation (read: mistake), I often nag myself for days. It’s some kind of self-punishment for being too eager to start something only to find the project wanting. I feel terrible when I do foul ups. I feel irresponsible when I include others in the mess. I do not know what to say but just I am really sorry.

When I began belsbror’s pix, I was justifying my idea of a no photo blog. At the time, I held firmly to the notion that I want my writing in the forefront so readers would not be distracted by pictures. It was all right then before belsbror’s pix.

Like a child with a new toy, I was thrilled to take pictures of things I could post in my new blog. At first, I was overjoyed with both blogs running side by side. I could make it work.


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