One Night can change your “Forever”

A Day with JKay

We live in a society today where bigger is better and the more you have, the better off you are. The more cars, houses, clothes, and property you have, the higher status you have. Basically….if you have more, you are somebody in this society.  ….but it seems that we have forgotten the power of one.

One job interview can change your career, one person can change your perspective, and one day/ night can truly change your life. Everything that you thought was….no longer is. And everything that you thought was truth is a lie. Even your foundation can be shaken to new proportions and heights. This change can be a good one….or in the eyes of a pessimist…..a bad one.

It’s all about perspective and how you view life. One single moment has changed my life and completely changed how I view and react to life’s circumstances. What didn’t take…

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