The Down and Ups

Several Deadly CINEs: Living Life, Writing, Cinema

As always chaos is upon me, but that’s ok. I’m still moving forward, and staying positive with some prayer and goodwill. Wrote more ideas and outline ideas down, and need to switch gears a little.  need to get some ideas down for a Tv script I’m co-writing. We have the characters down, and I  want to outline the first three episodes. After than I’ll work on other projects.

It’s gotta be a one word at a time as I fill my notebook with more writing goodness. I hope, when I have time to relax, I’ll be able to transcribe my notes. I like seeing them typed. Pressed for time, and I need to get a lot done in a short time,  but writing a post does me good, so I wrote one.

Happy creative endeavors.

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