Inspiration 6


I watched Skyfall the other day and completely forgot how well done the title sequences are for all of the Bond movies. I love all of the multiple meanings and different items that are shown throughtout the scene. I also have a new found respect for the people who created it because it truly is a wonderful piece of artwork and must have taken a while to complete it.

Lebron James is no doubt the worlds greatest basketball player and plays at a different level than everyone else, it might be because he is Superman! I think that this was a cool idea to run off the idea that he is a superhuman made of steel. I love the way the first picture makes it seem reasonable as if his skin is flying off showing his metal core.

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Even before your were born God had a purpose and a plan for your life. You had value and worth in Him even before you did anything. He wants to use you to accomplish that purpose and plan for your life. Start to discover what God made you to do. What are you passionate about in life? What excites you? That can be a sign pointing to what God intends you to do with your life.

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