What Do Ya' Reckon?


My path, once level, is now rocky
To continue forward, balance is required.

How best to proceed…
Consider, concentrate, observe

A tentative step…
Accommodate, correct, refocus

Next step…
Scrutinize, deliberate, advance again

To pause is prudent, tactical, required
To stop is failure, defeat, unacceptable

To live is to overcome obstacles
For, without obstacles, there is no growth

And the only way to flourish is to embrace the growth…


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Thoughtful Thursday.

me too.

Don’t ever compare your life to those of others. Although this is easier said than done, we constantly look to other people’s successes and ignore our own, fearing that they are nothing in comparison to the greatnesses already achieved. Everything is relative. Sometimes we feel like we’re standing in the shadows of others, waiting for them to move out of our lives so that we feel like we can grow. We are strong enough to break out of the canopy, we just need to see the light. 

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