Virtual Inspiration

Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show

The turn in the weather here in Bend initiates a switch in my brain to focus on some of the inside passions I’ve been neglecting.  The crisp air, the sudden deluge of rain, the yellow-orange sumac leaves in my yard get me thinking about texture, color & design.Image

Last week, with a mug of mint tea in hand, I logged onto my laptop and began scrolling through my Pinterest “boards.”  Although I don’t have a TV, nor a cell phone, I do love my internet.

I started with texture as my first “board” on Pinterest, a place where I store images I’ve snatched from others that inspire the sense of touch.  Another topic in my collection is color, storage for visually vibrant pictures, and a third “board” focuses on positive and negative space.  I use these virtual “boards” to gather and hold inspiration.  I also “pin” fashion.  Dresses…

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