Inspiration Friday

where the clay and hands meet

It has been a while since my last Inspiration Friday post, I really haven’t made time for me to post lately. But this image I am sharing with you today is something I really needed to read. I first got this Ira Glass’ quote from my ceramics teacher in College, and ever since I read it I feel like I need to revisit it every once in a while. It is taking a while for me to get where I want to, but I am fighting my way through and I won’t give up.


Ya ha pasado un buen rato desde mi último post de Inspiration Friday, y la verdad es que no me he dado tiempo para escribir últimamente. Pero esta imagen que les comparto hoy es algo que en verdad necesitaba leer. Mi maestra de cerámica en la Universidad fue quien me la compartió, y desde…

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