Chocolate inspiration

Kalie Gladwin

I need a grand plan, a dream, a vision which inspires me to go beyond myself for the standing-on-my-tippy-toes-finger-tip-reaching ‘Greater Good’.

I understand there is inspiration found in living my life well, influencing within my sphere, and leading where I am. I know this is important. I also know I do those things better if I am connected to something outside of me.

It’s a well-established fact I am vain and self-absorbed. Over time, though, I’ve noticed I’m less vain and self-absorbed if I connect to, live and work from my core value of Other People Matter. As I read the previous sentence it still seems all about me…let’s celebrate the contradiction and go with it anyway.

Currently, gently resting on my palms is a whisper of an idea I share with my friend and colleague. We are holding it loosely, rolling it around, adding bits to it to see…

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