On a wave of inspiration.

What Lucy Made Next

I’m back in dear old Blighty after a mini trip to Ibiza and I have already got a serious case of wanderlust! We stayed in S,Agamassa which is on the east side of the island. The atmosphere was really chilled and relaxed, spending hours walking along the beaches and exploring the nearby areas.
I have two holiday highlights; the first being the AMAZING sunset at Sant Antoni (I’m a sucker for romance). The second was the ‘Hippy Market’ which we stumbled up on. The Hippy Market’ is celebrating it’s 40th year having started in 1973 in Punta Arabí. The market takes place each Wednesday where there is a lively atmosphere; a collaboration of street performers, live music (‘Azibi’ and my personal favourite ‘Benidrums’), food and stalls selling handmade clothes, jewellery, accessories and furnishings. I couldn’t help but become washed over with a wave of inspiration during my visit there!…

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