A Little Inspiration

Humming like Veins

Sometimes it just appears all white
But if you look closer, beneath a rainbow hides.
Had the caterpillar din’t decide,
To build a cocoon around its sides,
To struggle inside, to learn to be on its own for sometime
It wouldn’t chase d sky,
It wouldn’t fly.
The sun always shines,
It’s just beneath the clouds it sometimes hide.
Sometimes you just have nothing to be happy about,
But what’s victory witout any struggle around?
Why would you cherish light,
When you have never seen a pitch dark night?
We see failures many a times,
But it’s just there to tell us ” rise and shine”.
Because hadn’t the seed been pushed down so low,
It wouldn’t, into a mighty tall tree, grown.
If you haven’t heard those harsh humiliating words?
Then how would you appreciate a complimentary verse?
You will never completely embrace the best,
Unless you have tasted…

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