That’s Inspired, Really

Run, Sammy, Run

I’ve been feeling particularly inspired lately. Not in terms of one specific project, but more about life in general. I blame this on the fact that 1) it is fall and fall is my favorite month and 2) I have really cool friends who do really cool things but 3) who also tell me how and where I can do equally cool things.

Lately I’ve been toying around with the idea of finding a new hobby. Trying some new things and seeing where they lead me. I have a Pinterest board entitled ‘Crafty Shit I’ll Never Make’ because, let’s be real, I probably won’t. But there might be one or two doable things in there that don’t require me to become a certified electrician or contractor.

Then there’s that Groupon for hip-hop kickboxing classes. I’ve still got my eye on that one.

Or the Writing for TV class that Gotham…

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