Why Inspiration Should Be Used All The Time


A survey conducted by Performance Inspired, Inc., a media, research, and consulting firm in Atlanta revealed that 25 organizations topped the list of most inspiring companies. It is apparent that these companies have followed certain principles of inspiration and motivation to make people consider them as most inspiring organizations.

The above companies and other organizations that have succeeded in their inspiration efforts internally and externally normally follow seven major principles as their basis to inspire their stakeholders. The first is authenticity when people perceive that the leader is teachable, vulnerable, and transparent.

The second factor in inspiring others is affirmation, which could be defined as the willingness to openly express appreciation of the strengths or aspirations of others and validate them wholeheartedly.

John Locke, a philosopher of the eighteenth century proposed a human mind model, in which ideas resonate or associate with one another inside the mind. However, Sigmund Freud…

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