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11:07 – I love magazines, blogs and websites that inspire me. Whether it’s the latest IKEA catalog, a website issuing painting instructions or a blog about sewing your own clothes, they fill my brain with ideas and I always get strangely satisfied after reading/looking at them. Like filled with hope.

Amazingly enough this doesn’t work with all of my areas of interest.  Like health, food and workout for example.  It’s the weirdest thing, I very rarely buy magazines, but when I do it’s usually about fashion or how to style your home – not about the things I work with!?

I’ve had a theory about why for almost 20 seconds now, allow me to share:
Maybe it’s because I haven’t found a good enough source of inspiration in that area yet? Maybe it’s because I prefer my textbooks, in which I know I’ll be reading facts and thoughts with substance…

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