A Writer's Discrepant Memoirs and Other Tales

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that one of the reasons for writing this blog is to help other writers.  Another is to remember what’s going on (what was going on – hopefully one day I’ll be reading these for my memoir) in my day as I navigate this treacherous terrain. I have a horrible memory. The script I’m currently working on is a sci-fi/spy piece and I was a little lost on it’s direction.  I keep a journal of tidbits (ideas, dreams, fractions of dialogue or scenes, images, and what-have-you) and I couldn’t trace the inspiration behind this current script. I hadn’t written anything down.  Then, while listening to YouTube, I heard a song, the theme from a Japanime series called Elfen Lied.  (*Side note, this is not for children.  It’s bloody, violent, and contains nudity.)


That was it!

I remembered watching it and loving the opening sequence.  A…

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