hello! so, i have decided to start blogging. i hope you will enjoy it and get some inspiration.
i’m 21 years old and live in the south. i’m currently in school right now for criminal justice. 
that is my passion. well, besides art. i also would consider myself to be an artist…well, 
sometimes, depends on the day. my favorite movies change day-to-day, today my favorite 
movie is…TITANIC…i’m currently watching it. anyways that is a little about me and activities. 

i’m currently diagnosed with an eating disorder, borderline personality disorder, obsessive-
compulsive disorder and bipolar 2. my blog is going to be a little about my daily struggles
with mental illness. i’ve currently been in intensive outpatient treatment for 7 months now.
it hasn’t been easy at all. they say i’m making progress, but i know i’m not. i also had to do 
one week of inpatient treatment. let me…

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