Edward Sativa

I’m easily motivated. Haha, its true. A friend will call me to go to the gym, and i may be tired, feeling lazy, or just getting ready for bed. So, my “no” isn’t really convincing anyone…
but its good. Good to have friends to motivate you for anything really. What are you gonna do? Stay home? Watch tv? And your friend calls and says, “hey let’s go hang out”.
Gotta stay motivated. For what ever it is in life. We need motivation daily. Daily motivation…
You ever talk yourself out of doing something? Its not too hard. Same concept, only talk yourself into something. Going to bed early, waking up for that morning jog or workout. Taking that class you’ve been putting off. That new adventure, next chapter in your life. The new begining… motivate yourself. Encourage youryourself. You CAN do it.
A change of attiattitude. A change of vernacular…

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