Motivational Monday

Teachers N' Touch


Miranda: What day is it?
Me: It’s Monday.
Miranda: I don’t like Mondays.
Me: Don’t you like school?
Miranda: Yes, but I don’t like Mondays.

That was a recent conversation my 4-year-old daughter, Miranda, and I had as I helped get her dressed for school on a recent Monday morning. The realization that the hate-hate relationship with Mondays can begin at such a young age was a shocker. I don’t want that for her, and I don’t want that for you. So in this spot every Monday, you will find a small piece of motivation – motivation to continue on and to start anew.

Do something today and every day that would make your future self thankful. I didn’t coin that phrase, but I have begun to live by it. Teachers’ days are filled with numerous acts of serving others. Pencil yourself into your schedule. Find at least 30 minutes…

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