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Like most people probably have, I have developed a morning routine: I make the bed, wash my face, get a cup of coffee, and sit down at my desk to check my email and read my favorite blogs. These blogs are what inspired me to create my own and I wanted to pay homage to my necessary daily reads.

First off is the famous Cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily Schuman, the creator, lives in Los Angeles and her blog does have that California girl feel: light, simple, and fun. She alternates between fashion, home decor, and recipe posts that are short and sweet but full of beautiful pictures and compelling links. She has weekly/monthly installments such as “Ask Emily” or “5 Things” that I always look forward to as well. She also has a book based on her adorable blog, displayed below.


I usually move on to A Piece of…

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My daily affirmation

The Petite Optimist

Thank you God for my ultimate trust in your wisdom.
I have unlimited faith in your guidance and i am certain that you always act in my highest and greatest good.
I am strong, confident, safe, whole and happy as I turn my problems, difficulties and struggles to you.
In return I receive peace, understanding and insight beyond my imaginings.


Eid-ul Adha Mubaruk to all my muslim followers.

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