Thoughts on a Friday


It’s been an odd week of ups and downs and it’s not even over yet! I’m down to 9 stone 11, each pound is definitely getting harder to lose but it wouldn’t feel like such an achievement if it wasn’t. So 8 pounds to go until my target weight, I’m optimistically hoping to be near 9 stone 7 by Halloween. I also booked my one-way flight to Australia today, very excited about this, just wish I didn’t have to wait 4 more months till I can go! But alas, money must be earned.

The negatives to this week have been my continually difficult relationship with my dad. We had an argument yesterday and have not spoken since, however I’ve been informed by my mum that he has said that he would never speak to me again if I was not his daughter, which is wonderful. I see other peoples relationships…

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