This week I was reading through some journal entries and notes from sermons. I compiled a few quotes that stood out to me and listed them below. Some list the author/spokes person but others are anonymous. Hope they inspire you as they did with me!

“Don’t try too hard, just be you” -Jack Hayford

If you don’t live out who you are, the world will never see that part of God.

“Your ability to bear fruit that remains is a direct result of your root system.
Disciple nations by Focusing in your foundation.” Banning Liebscher, Jesus Culture

“The seeds you plant now become the fruit you eat later” Banning Liebscher, Jesus Culture

Bill Johnson quote from Face to Face with God (Pg 55):

“It becomes quite clear that the enemy fears entire families worshipping God together, united in purpose. There is powerful spiritual agreement that is established when multiple generations…

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