My definition of Success

Get up, get out and get something

I get asked more and more these days of what is my definition of Success.  I write a lot of post but what my definition is my actually make you go, “really that’s it Eric, that’s your definition of success.”. 

Watch this…

Success to me is very simple.  It’s when what I say and what I do are the same thing.  Here’s an example:   I will write a post tonight that will change someone’s life.  This post will change the way someone thought about success. 

The hardest thing with life sometimes is that we can make things harder than they actually need to be.  We can over complicate things and make it rocket science.  It’s very simple, start small then work your way up and watch how you blow past all of your goals.

Start being successful today, by making a goal for tomorrow AMD accomplishing it.  My goal tomorrow…

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