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I just had a sudden inspiration for a song, and so you get to see it! YAY! ….I hope…. There is a poll at the bottom PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Tell me what you think!


Oh, by the way, my inspiration for this song  came from events that happened to me a couple years ago ago, and the lyrics came in a sudden burst of brilliance (or thats what I think). These said lyrics are inspired by/loosely based on the new Disney movie coming out in November called Frozen! YAY!  *Fanfare*


Frozen By ME (Em Alsop)

(Verse 1)

Stabbed by sensation

Betrayed by my heart

Hurt by the rose

That became so tart

Summer turns to winter

Winter makes you blind

Spring show the creator

While winter isn’t kind


Its all deteriorating

The ice chips in my heart

Slowly commemorating

The day we first…

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