Take Your Attitude & Shove It




Attitudes are totally out of control lately.

It seems everyone is trying to prove something lately.

People in general are more apt to lip off, insult, be obnoxious, act rudely, be offensive, be pushy, snarl, etc … there is no customary kindness first or respect. And, it includes the young people right up to the older generations also.

This kind of snarly attitude is really noticeable on the roads & in public places no matter where you go – but especially so in the blue-collar areas. Now please don’t jump down my throat for saying that.

I’m not saying everyone’s home life is like this either … BUT what does it say if this is the way we act when we are outside our homes? Men, women, & children are really showing more poor attitudes than the normal social attitudes & graces once thought more acceptable.

If you are…

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