Thoughts on Creativity

Process & Skills

Creativity is a wonderful thing to have. But, it can dry up and disappear. The problem lies in how do you escape this difficult transition. I think being spontaneous and taking time to have some down time can really help. For example, one of my favorite things is riding a bike. I used to ride for hours at end. But, my fear has stopped me from enjoying this pleasure. I finally slapped my worries across the face and rode a bike without a bike lane! It was insane. But, I did it! I’m finally doing what I love doing again.

However, I’ll stick to the bike lanes now. The me time not only allowed me to relax, it also reenergized me. Creativity takes up so much time. Stepping away from the page and the project you’re working on, even for just a moment can help you. Let go of the…

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