Make Things Happen!

You never know what that potential you have. I never expected that I am going to be a part of such a best company in the world.
Never expected and never dreamt and never thought that Computer Science Corporation it was going to be.

Well, right now I am speechless and concluding it with a thanks to CSC team who recruited me and the credit goes to my family ๐Ÿ™‚



What I’ve done!

Sometimes we are so into the music.
Music teaches us and so does these guys have tried for us. So learn from it.
I know this songs is old and many of you have already heard it. But my work is to keep you up with it. I have tried and now it’s on you. It’s your time ๐Ÿ˜€


Love Facts

Facts –
If A Boy Cries For A Girl, That Doesn’t Mean He Is Stupid.
If A Boy Cant Move On To Another Girl, That Doesn’t Mean He Is Stubborn.
If A Boy Gets Depressed For ‘one Girl’, That
Doesn’t Mean He Is A Loser.
If A Boy Always Dreams About Only ‘one Girl’, That Doesn’t Mean He’s Just Got Addicted To Her.
If A Boy Is Obsessed For One Girl, That
Doesn’t Mean He Cant Be With Any Other Girl.
If A Boy Is Crazy For One Girl, That Doesn’t
Mean He Has Lost His Mindโ€ฆ.But, All That
Means Is, He Loves That Girl So Much That He Cant Love Any Other Girl In The Same Way.