Interactive Form Builder

Project title: Interactive Form Builder

Supervisor : Mr. Avinash Pandey

Name : Mr. Rajat Sharma

Enroll. No. : 9910103485

Summary of the project:  Web applications and electronic commerce solutions have sparked the demand for better Web forms with richer interactions. XForms is one of the responses to this demand, and provides a new platform-independent mark-up language for online interaction between a person and another, usually remote, agent. XForms are the successor to HTML forms, and benefit from the lessons learned from HTML forms. “XForms” is W3C’s name for a specification of Web forms that can be used with a wide variety of platforms including desktop computers, hand held’s, information appliances, and even paper. XForms started life as a subgroup of the HTML Working Group, but has now been spun off as an independent activity.

My project successfully exploits the interactive nature of these forms and makes use of it to develop easy and handy forms for data storage other than databases. It provides a user interface to help user develop such forms in an easy drag and drop fashion.


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Link to Slide : Click here

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