Knowledge Management System

Title- Knowledge Management System

Supervisor- Mr. Himanshu Agrawal

Name- Mayank Agrawal

Enrollment Number- 9910103480

Summary – The aim of this project is to make an online knowledge management system which will be a great help to college or an organization. The system KMS is an internet based application that can be accessed throughout the organisation or a group/Dept.
This system is very beneficial from college point of view. It would help students in accessing study material all at one place without searching any other area. They can find all type of information which they want to access. The system will also contain login facility for students as well as faculty. They can upload, share or access any information they want by logging in their ID’s. Anyone can put up the query and anyone would be able to answer that. If they want to publish any article then they can put up the request to publish the article which later can be shared with everyone.
This system has its advantages and will help students to be updated to their interested fields. Easy to maintain articles and can access previous and new information whenever needed.

mayank compressed

Link to the Presentation- Click Here

Link to Video demonstration- Click Here



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